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Sheep Milk Castile



Product Description

Unbelievably gentle,  this soap is Unscented for Ultra Sensitive Skin. It’s  wonderful as a face soap, for baby’s delicate skin, and for those whose skin is prone to bruising or tearing such as the elderly, chemotherapy patients, or post surgery.

This gentle soap is softer because no other hardening oils are added. A true Castile soap is traditionally made with ONLY Olive Oil and no other oils as this was so plentiful in the Mediterranean region where it originated. It is said to have come from the Kingdom of Castile which is now Spain, however, some believe its origin was in northern Italy and spread outward from there.  In any case the gentleness of Olive Oil and its ability to act as a humectant to pull moisture from the air to your skin makes Castile Soap an excellent choice.  Rich Sheep Milk adds to the lather and promotes silky soft skin.

Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Sheep Milk, Distilled Water

Visit our testimony page… (Although we don’t market our Sheep Milk Soap as a cure all for skin disorders, we have had testimony after testimony from both parents of children with atopic eczema as well as adults suffering from psoriasis and other skin diseases. After using our soap for a few days to a month, and no other ointments or Dr. recommended creams, their symptoms had subsided.)


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